What is the Nomura Passport?

What is the Nomura Passport?

What is Nomura Passport,
Nomura’s new HR Program?

Nomura Passport is a program in which the timing of the employment “entry point” can be set to after the candidate completes his or her doctorate. This allows students to focus all their resources on the research activities process by negating the need to conduct research and hunt for a job concurrently while studying for their doctorate.

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    Start of employment can be pushed back.

    Students with a Nomura Passport may delay their date of entry to the company until the time they are scheduled to obtain their doctorate. The Nomura Passport system does not oblige students to select Nomura as their ultimate choice of employer.

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    Department determined before joining company.

    We plan to assign new entrants under the program to departments responsible for AI development, data science, digitalization, new business generation, etc. Details of the workshop contents can be found on the page of “Workshop hosting departments”.

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    Program limited to students enrolled in doctoral courses.

    Nomura is focusing on the employment of doctoral students in the positions of mathematics/ statistics professionals or IT engineers and also welcome applications from postdoctoral researchers (PDs).

Recruitment schedule

Persons passing application screening will be contacted for online interview.

Status as workshop participant

  • Number of positionsUp to 10
  • WorkplaceNomura Securities Co., Ltd. (Otemachi or Toyosu) or Nomura Asset Management (Toyosu)
  • PeriodAbout 10 days in October to December.
    *Participation dates/period can be negotiable. Extending the period will be considered in the case the both of Nomura and a participant request.
  • Working hours8:40~17:10
    Working time is negotiable.
  • Salary2000 yen per hour
  • Transportation costTravel expenses will be covered only for Shinkansen, express train and air travel portions (per company rules).
  • Accommodation costAccommodations will be arranged only for participants needing accommodation (per company rules).
  • InsuranceHealth insurance, Employee pension, Employment insurance: Not Applicable
    Industrial injury insurance: Applicable
  • OthersAfter the end of the workshop, Nomura Passport will be issued to participants who have been selected.
    For terms and conditions applicable to persons entering the company with Nomura Passport, see Application Guidelines elsewhere specified.

Application period for 2022 has ended. Thank you for your interest and hope to see you next year.

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