Use digital power to rebuild and "hack" the world.


Academia drives
our world

For example, “Working for Nomura” is an option. This is a space for pursuing truth for creating universal value, a space bubbling with opportunities for shaping these values and delivering them to the world.


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    Deep dive into the world of economic data and
    use the power of science to find out unknown stories.

    No need to spend years writing papers. The day you make a breakthrough is the day you join the leaders of the industry, no matter how young you are.

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    The world is your stage.
    Your typing fingertips move our global society.

    A job at Nomura is an opportunity to move the world. Join a workplace with people from more than 70 countries.

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    Even quantum computers are becoming commonplace
    - Nomura Group is a place where dreams meet

    The technology that you’ve always wanted to use, the people you’ve always wanted to meet. Nomura Group brings you closer to your dreams.


New HR Program:
Nomura Passport

Nomura Passport is a program in which the timing of the employment “entry point” can be set to after the candidate completes his or her doctorate.

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    Start of employment can be pushed back.


  • 02

    Department determined before joining company.


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    Program limited to students enrolled in doctoral courses.


Career trajectories for Ph.Ds

  • Going to the Origin of Information
    to Solve Complex Problems

    AI Development HIDEAKI KUDO

  • Natural Science Approaches Help Solve the Mysteries of Financial Markets

    Data Science YUKIHIRO AIBA

  • The Digital world is borderless – Triggering innovation through global collaboration

    Digitalization TAKESHI ITO

  • Unraveling Mystery With a Scientist’s Dreams Cutting-Edge Technology Opens New Horizons for Finance

    New Business Generation KAZUYA ISHIKAWA

Scheduled department of assignment

  • AI Development

    AI -- a universal language for generating innovation. Gaining real-time knowledge of the economy, automating trading and investment decisions, etc. The Nomura Group is abuzz with the excitement of those supporting a diverse range of fields in which AI is applied. Why don’t you join the excitement with your brilliant ideas and technologies?


  • Data Science

    Discovering patterns and commonalities hidden in data, and establishing conditionalities and processing the data for use in decision making. Choose from a full range of methods, including machine learning, statistical causal inference, and meta heuristics. The Nomura Group is combining these analytical tools with its operational knowledge to create unique and matchless services.


  • Digitalization

    As the industry’s top company, the Nomura Group is a veritable treasure house of data. To transform this data into a source of competitive advantage, we are building high-quality databases through data virtualization and data structuring using machine learning. Here is an opportunity for testing all types of elemental technologies, including named-entity recognition, database normalization, and relation extraction.


  • New Business Generation

    The world is replete with problems awaiting solution. The key lies in the implementation of solutions. Examples abound of how inspired ideas from information scientists have given birth to amazing new services -- such as the automation of investment decisions based on the analysis of satellite images. Join us with your technology expertise to create new and exciting services.


Welcome to a digital journey. To apply for the passport issuanse, click here.
Application deadline: July 12, 2020

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